Why my dog losing weight? Is it dangerous?

dog losing weight

The weight of a dog change over time, depending on age and breed. Also, changes in medical status and physical activities can also cause changes in weight. But, if your dog is suddenly losing weight finding the cause is essential. Many cases can cause weight to lose in your dog. Weight loss is not an illness. But, sometimes it is a symptom of a disease. So, making your attention to find the exact reason is crucial. Let’s find out why your dog is losing weight?

Not all weight loss caused by chronic diseases. Your dog can also lose weight due to environmental factors, food quality, etc.

But, if the dog losing weight due to a chronic disease, immediate medical attention is required.

dog losing weight

Dog losing weight but acting normal

Your dog may lose weight due to chronic disease. But, not every weight loss is triggered by chronic disease. Some times natural incidents can trigger loss of weight, which is a totally a-okay thing. Increased physical activities, getting more exercise than usual can help your dog to lose fat, which will reduce body weight.

Also, your dog can lose weight from your mistakes. We all know that a balanced diet is an essential thing to maintain a healthy body. What if you don’t get a balanced diet? You will lose weight; not only that, you will get many diseases due to malnutrition. The same goes for the dogs. If the food quality is not good or if the nutrients are not balanced, your dog will start to losing weight.

Unexplained weight loss of the dog

If your dog is healthy, and if it is eating and behaving as usual, the reason for weight loss can be the food quality.

If you are not providing enough protein and micronutrients that can trigger weight loss. So, always consider the quality of the meal. If you are not sure about what to feed, always consult a doctor and ask him about the best meal plans. Also, you can refer to online blogs to find the best-balanced diet for your dog.

Dog losing weight but eating

Your dog can lose weight from not eating. Like human dog can stop eating for many reasons. Mental problems, an infection, gastronomical disease, or even an environmental factor, can reduce your dog’s appetite. But, in some cases, your dog may lose weight even after eating the normal diet.

Dog diabetes is the most common illness caused by this symptom.

Weight loss due to diabetes

Not only humans get diabetes. Your dog also can get diabetes. Diabetes is a common disease found in dogs. If uncontrolled, it can lead to secondary complications. Some complications can be fatal. Your dog will start losing weight very quickly. Also, you will feel that the dog is very weak and sleepy.

There is no cure for diabetes. But, hopefully, dog diabetes can be controlled with medicine.

dog losing weight

Understanding dog diabetes – what are the symptoms?

Losing weight is only one symptom your dog will show. Additionally, the dog will show symptoms like,

  • Excessive thirst – If your dogs’ water bowl is emptying comparatively more often, that can be a symptom of dog diabetes. It will ask you for more and more water all over the day.
  • Increased Urination – If your dog has diabetes, its body will try to remove excessive sugar amount through urine. So, the dog will ask to go out more often. Also, sometimes, it may accidentally urinate inside the house.
  • Weight lose – Even after consuming the normal meal, your dog will start to lose weight. The body fat will be reduced.
  • Increased appetite – When someone has diabetes, the body cells will not get enough energy to function well. So, your dog will feel more hungry to get more energy from eating.
  • Loss of mode and less energy – The dog will feel tired all the time. Also, the behavior can change. It will stop playing and try to lay down all the time due to a lack of energy.

If your dog has these symptoms, consult a qualified veterinary surgeon and explain to him about the condition. After doing a few medical tests, the doctor will verify whether this is diabetes or not.


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