Serve Pumpkin for Cats Good or Bad

Pumpkin for Cats

Most of the pet parents love to feed their pet with human foods. Some of them are good for cats while some are not good for cats to serve, because there will be effects for their healthy life style. Pumpkins in several styles such as canned pumpkins, pumpkin seeds and cooked fresh pumpkin which is really good for cat’s health.

Pumpkin for cats.

Now you may be wonder which type of pumpkin may suitable for your cat. Raw, cooked or canned pumpkin for cats available. So which one will be suitable to serve to your cat? We can answer that both raw and cooked (without oil and seasoning) is good to serve to a cat. If you really need to feed canned pumpkin for cats make sure it’s organic, without sugar or artificial ingredients.

Benefits of pumpkin for cats.

Pumpkin for Cats

Pumpkin is a gift nature with many nutritional benefits. They are,

  1. Fiber: this is one of the major nutrients include in the pumpkin. In ½ cup of pumpkin (122 gm) contains 5 gram of fiber. In the following way fiber in pumpkin may be helpful to stay healthy.
  1. Weight control: due to fiber, cats feel a full diet. Even though it contains low calories. Due to this fullness cat no need to eat more food, there for cat will lose weight.
  2. Cure diarrhea: pumpkin is included with soluble fiber, which will absorb extra water in digestive system. That will lead in cure diarrhea.
  3. Hairball control: due to the character of laxative in high fiber content it will control hair ball.

Other nutrition,

  • Vitamin C: To enhance the enzymatic reactions.
  • Calcium: to mineralize bones and teeth
  • Iron: to improve cellular respiration and hemoglobin production in cats.

How to feed pumpkin for cats?

  • Remove the stem of the raw pumpkin. Since it is rough it can create digestive system issues.
  • Then remove seeds of pumpkin and cut into small pieces where cats can feed.
  • Then wash them gently.
  • Then steam the fresh pumpkin till it become soft.
  • Serve after food become cool.
  • 100% canned pumpkin for cats are good but it should be without additives, fillers, sugar and salt. It can be serving as it is to the cat.
  • Pumpkin seeds need to wash and roast up to 350 F for one hour. No salt or spices. Grind it and serve with other food such as rice.

How much pumpkin per day.

Pumpkin for Cats
  • Use a spoon to measure daily requirements.
  • Raw pumpkin:
  • Adult cats: ½ teaspoon – 1 teaspoon
  • Pumpkin seeds:
  • 1/16- 1/18 teaspoon

Take vets advice before serving pumpkin seeds to the cat. Most of the cats don’t like the pumpkin taste. What you can do as pet parents serve raw, seed and canned pumpkin for cats with any additional food such as rice and wet feline diet. And before feeding pumpkin for cats it is better to visit the vet and take the advices for feeding pumpkin for cats and canned pumpkin for cats.


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