How to help your cat losing weight

cat losing weight

Is your cat facing an obesity issue? And thinking and worrying about searching for methods to cat losing weight? As well in this article we are going to discuss about losing older cat losing weight. If so this article will help you in that. Cats will get obesity due to several reasons that may be by birth, due to the current diet plan and due to less activeness as but it is your due to help them reduce their weight gradually.

How cat losing weight?

Take to a vet.

The best answer for the how to reduce cat’s weight is take them to a vet. That will be a good option for the starting to reduce cat’s weight. Then the vet will give advice in order to reduce cat’s weight. Such as meal plan, jogging and different activities. Vet will physically examine the cat and diagnosis the cat whether he is undergoing any health issue. Most of the time cats get obesity due to the diabetics.

Plan a healthy diet for cat losing weight.

cat losing weight

Next you have to consider about the meal plan of cats. Food is something that is very important to fat cats. It is good to feed them with diet food rather than junk food, canned food and human food. But it have to be high in nutrition, low in calories. As we recommend it is not good to exchange from current meal plan to a diet it has to be done gradually.

Keep record of calories.

Whenever you feed to your cat it is important to keep track their calories. Usually an indoor cat required only 20-30 calories per pound of their body weight per day. While tracking the calories requirement it is best to track their weight as well. There is a must we should remind you that track the calories each and every single meal.

Try take your cat jogging for cat losing weight.

Are you amazing about this option. Yes! Some cats love to walk. But only some cats, there are some cats who don’t love to walk. It’s better if you can take them walking with some challenges as well. It is good to take them in a jogging session once a day since they are indoor cats.

Play with your cats.

Of course you can play with your cat will be a god answer for cat losing weight question. This need to done according to schedule better to take vet’s advice. As our recommendation it is good play once or twice a day. You can buy some cat toys for your cat. Get your cat to chase behind the toys, ask them to chase behind you while you’re holding them. Even more they will be happy to play with you.

Methods for older cat losing weight

older cat losing weight

As the normal cats we first advice take your cat to a vet, because he can diagnosis if your cat going having any disease or else he can physically examine the cat. And suggest the best ways to reduce the weight of senior cats.

Keep track about their meal

It is very important to keep your cat very healthy during their older ages. So you have to consider about their meal even more. As we suggest above better to take advice from a vet. Senior cats get obesity due to following disease Hypothyroidism, Insulinoma, Hypothalamic abnormalities, issues in the pituitary gland. So obesity can be a signal for above diseases. Then take care of their meal plan and make sure u feed them high nutrition food.

Limit the meal times

Since they are growing old their activeness is reducing and they much more like to spend their time by sleeping. It is one of your responsibility to limit their meal time but we recommended to feed them with high nutrition food with low calories. Limit the dry meal to one cup per day. It your cats times of meals was 3-4 reduce it to 2-3 per day.

Canned foods for older cat losing weight.

More than dry cat food canned food will help them to losing weight of senior cats. Due to high moisture content and most of the canned food are high in proteins rather than cabs. Please check with a vet about canned food before feeding them. As our final as a result, keep your cat healthy and shape. Above all will be appropriate answer to cat losing weight? Regularly take your cat to the vet and monitor the weight change and keep record their weight for healthy life no matter no matter with the age of the cat. So hope to discuss further more about this in our coming up articles.


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