Home remedies for dog ear infections

home remedies for dog ear infections

An ear infection is a widespread illness that almost all dogs face at least one time in their life. It is somehow a painful condition and will take around six weeks to go away naturally. However, many home remedies used for dog ear infections can boost the curing process.

Food and other allergies can cause a dog ear infection, Hormonal unbalance, Yeast, bacterial infections, and ear mites can also cause ear infections. Also, in some dog verities with long hair can get ear infections by hair growth in deep of the ear canal. Even Prevention is always better than a cure. So, maintaining proper hygiene will help your dog to remain healthy. Also, considering proper nutritious meals is very important to build immunity, which will prevent further infections.

Symptoms of dog ear infection

Before using home remedies for a dog ear infection, it is essential to verify whether it is an ear infection or not. The most common symptoms include

  • Scratching – The most significant sign of an ear infection is itching and scratching the ear or the area around it.
  • A discharge and unpleasant odor – especially in case of bacterial infection, a bloody or yellow-brownish discharge will flow out from the ears. Also, the liquid release is more likely to has an unpleasant odor.
  • Head shacking – Due to the inflammation and itchiness, your dog will start to shake its head.
home remedies for dog ear infections

What are the Best home remedies for dog ear infections?

Usually, if your dog is healthy, the infection will naturally go away with time. However, sometimes, it can generate moderate to mild pain in the ears. Also, the infection can spread to the brain, which is somehow fatal. So it is crucial to control the spreading. You can use many common home remedies for dog ear infections to stop growth.

Apple vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and mullein are the most common home remedies used to cure dog ear infections

home remedies for dog ear infections

Vinegar – home remedies for dog ear infection

Vinegar is a common home remedy used to cure dog ear infections. Apple cider vinegar is the best non-toxic option for your pet.

Apple vinegar has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It can reveal the pain while fighting with the infection. Mix apple vinegar with some water and use a sprayer to spray the mixture to the infected area.

Coconut oil – home remedies for dog ear infection

Coconut oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. In Ayurveda medicine coconut oil is termed as an antibiotic and anti-fungal remedy. Apply a fair amount of coconut oil to the infected area. It will help to reveal the pain. Also it will reduce the inflammation in the ear.

Hydrogen peroxide  for dog ear infection

Hydrogen peroxide or the H2O2 is an inorganic peroxide. It has many applications such as bleaching hair, bleaching cloth colors, etc. 

Also, it has powerful anti-bacterial properties. Hydrogen peroxide can be used as one of the most effective home remedies against bacterial dog ear infection. It can destroy the cell walls of bacteria to control the growth of the disease.

When you apply hydrogen peroxide on the infected area, it will start to bubble with a sound.

If it is not bubbling, that means your hydrogen peroxide bottle is useless. (Under sunlight, H2O2 can quickly break down into the water so, always store your hydrogen peroxide in a dark container.)

Hydrogen peroxide is not a toxic chemical. However, under normal environmental conditions, it brakes down into water and oxygen. Bacteria show rapid growth on a wet surface. So, if you add an excessive amount of hydrogen peroxide, generated water can help any remaining bacteria to regrow. Thus, professional medical advises is recommended.


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