Broccoli for Dogs – Is Broccoli Good for Dogs

Broccoli for Dogs

You may come across a problem is broccoli good for dogs? yes broccoli is good for dogs. No matter whether it is raw or cooked broccoli for dogs is good. But there should not be oils or any other seasonings. When you want to feed them vegetables feed in little quantities. May be you also will think that is broccoli good snack for dogs? Yes it is an extremely good for dogs but you have to keep remember that you have to feed them human food very little. Even though they are good for dog huge quantities can make them to face stomach issues and digestive issues.

Benefits of Broccoli.

We have answer your question that is broccoli good for dogs? Now we are going to explain that benefits of broccoli for dogs. When it comes to the dogs they do not need any large amounts of vegetables to stay healthy as mention above small quantity will be enough for them. Broccoli is high in vitamin C and fiber. But very low in fat. And it is best in raw or cooked broccoli for dogs.

Nutrition facts about Broccoli

Broccoli for dogs

In one cup of broccoli, that means a 91 gram weight broccoli contain

Protein- 2.6 grams => 2.8%

Carbs- 6 grams=> 6.5%

Fat- 0.3 grams=> 0.3%

Vitamin C- 81.2 milligram=> 0.08%

The dogs can feed up to 10%- 25% of their daily meal without getting toxic of their diet.

What parts broccoli good for dogs?

  • Broccoli stalks
  • Broccoli florets
  • Dried broccoli
  • Steamed broccoli

If your dog refuse to eat broccoli alternatives can be given which they will enjoy but contain same healthy nutrition for their daily need.

  • Strawberries
  • Pineapple
  • Apples
  • Banana
  • Celery
  • Mango
  • Cucumber
  • Green beans
  • Carrots
  • Cantaloupe

How to feed broccoli to dogs

More than raw broccoli vets advice to feed them with cooked broccoli. But not seasoned or contain oil. Before cook them make sure to follow the below steps to make sure dog getting a healthy meal.

  • Wash broccoli well and cut the steam out of the broccoli.
  • Cut into small pieces where dogs can bite easily.
  • Steam them very hygienically.
  • If your dog love broccoli you can feed them with rice mixed with chicken as well.

Don’t serve food in warm let it cool and then serve it to your lovely dog.

Health issues of Broccoli for dogs

Is Broccoli good for dogs

There are many benefits that you can see from feeding broccoli for dogs. But there are some harmful containers as well. It contains isothiocyanates. This will result in Gastric and irritation in digestive system. If you need to add broccoli to your dog’s meal, it is important to monitor them because there may be health issues associate with but some dogs really stick to broccoli.

Individual dogs have their own pattern of feeding. When you start to give your dog broccoli for the first time make sure you give small amount. If they are fine keep giving broccoli for dogs. If there is a bad reaction stop giving them broccoli for dogs. If you’re having any doubt with feeding them with broccoli let your vet advice you in feeding broccoli for dogs. Finally, is broccoli good for dogs? Our answer is yes. But it should be treated in small amounts for dogs. Broccoli for dogs is good for their health. It is recommended to take vets advice before feeding them with broccoli.


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