Best Senior Dog Food – Buying Guide 2019

Best senior dog food

In this article you can find about the best senior dog foods and the reasons why you need to feed senior dog food. Is your dog going older day by day? But you need to keep them healthier and are you searching for best senior dog food. When the dogs getting older their feeding pattern get change.

Why senior dog food?

Dogs who get older might need special nutrition when they grow old their activeness get slow down. They mostly prefer to stay sleepy. Due to their usual diet plan they might get fat. There for it is your responsibility to feed them with best senior dog food which consist of low calories. Then they will shift to senior diet plan. As well when the dogs become old they need more water as well than usual.

Health issues with senior dogs.

When the dogs getting older, they have to face many health issues. They are,

  1. Obesity
  2. Diabetics
  3. Kidney failure
  4. Liver failure
  5. Heart failure

Obesity: due to low metabolism they are lazy to be active as a result of that they will get obesity.

Diabetics: there ability of absorption of food get delay. Then slowly blood sugar will also raise up.

Other dieses may get due to the age as the other animals.

What owners should do if the senior dogs refuse to eat?

It is a casual issue that senior dogs refuse to eat. Better to take them to a vet and he will decide what the best senior dog food suitable for them is. If you guess it is suitable to feed them with biscuits, snacks and milk better if you can replace them with vegetables, chicken, barley, lamb (cooked) and rice. We can provide you with a good option if you’re a senior dog owner you can stimulate them for food by giving appetites tablets.

Best senior dog foods.

Best senior dog foods

1. Nule Freestyle Senior Trout and Sweet Potato.

Ingredients:  trout, turkey, salmon, peas and sweet potato.

Key features:

  • As a joint treatment contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin.
  • No grains contain.
  • Good for healthy immune system.


33% of protein, 13% of Fat and 45% of carbs.


396 Kcal per cup.


24 lb. bag cost $71.99 (Available in different sizes)

2. Wellness Core Grain-Free Senior Formula

Ingredients:  turkey, Chicken, potatoes and peas

Key features:

  • Contain Omega 3 for healthy skin.
  • No grains contain.
  • No artificial ingredients.
  • High in protein content


36% of protein, 13% of Fat and 43% of carbs.


359 Kcal per cup.


12 lb. bag cost $39.59

3. Halo Holistic Chicken recipe Senior Dog Food.

Ingredients:  chicken, oats and pea flour.

Key features:

  • Contain whole meal.
  • Free of vegetables.
  • Contain fresh chicken
  • High meat protein is contains.


39% of protein, 21% of Fat and 33% of carbs.


411 Kcal per cup.


374 g can cost about $ 22.24

Best senior dog foods

No matter the life stage of your lovely dog. They need nutrition to stay healthy. So we conclude you that keep them healthy. Make them happier and continue their daily routine and take them to a vet to decide best senior dog food which will be suitable for your dog breed.


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