Best Low Protein Cat Food – Kidney diseases

Best Low Protein Cat Food

You may wonder why we have mention article about low protein cat food, because cats usually need high proteins which help them to grow up and help to grow fur. But you may come across an issue then why do cats need low protein cat food? Answer is that there are some diseases associating with the kidney is needed to be treat with low protein cat food.

Why low protein cat food?

Cats might get chronic renal failures, which is a failure in the kidney. In such situations vet is recommended to give them low protein cat food in order to filter out the waste materials through kidney. When the cats are facing chronic renal failure then they face to difficulties in eating, because they are suffering from stomach acid. And if cat’s refuse to eat that simply means that they do not need any food to eat.

 Kidney diseases and protein for cats.

Low protein cat food

It is important to know that protein will never make kidney diseases in any pet. Feeding a cat with high protein is really nutritional for cats. Even though they are facing kidney issues there is no huge requirement in reducing protein consumption. Most o important factor is that you have to feed the cat with high quality protein food, because it will help your cat to remove the waste from the body easily.

Symptoms of chronic renal failure

When your cat going through a chronic renal failure you can notice them by using following symptoms.

  1. Cat need more water and they get thirsty often.
  2. Due to high consumption of water many time of urination.
  3. They will lose the weight.
  4. Sometimes they will vomit, not at all the times.

Low protein cat food.

Low protein cat food

1. Hill’s Rx Diet Feline k/d (dry)

Ingredients: Brown Rice, corn, chicken, pork fat, whole grain wheat, barley, fish oil, lactic acid and minerals.

Key features:

  • dry cat food
  • Low sodium
  • Controlled phosphorus
  • High quality protein

Good for:

  • Protection of kidney and heart.
  • Boost energy
  • Sustains healthy body conditions

Price: $ 5.08 per 1 lb

2. Royal Caning Veterinary Diet Feline Renal

Ingredients: chicken, pork, cereals, fish oil, fat and minerals.

Key features:

  • Well formulated product recommended by vets.
  • Include with low phosphorous, vitamin D, iron and calcium.
  • High quality protein.

Good for:

Price: £ 9.79 per Kg

3. Hi-TOR Veterinary select Neo Diet Canned Cat Food

Ingredients: Beef, chicken, pork, vitamins, yeast and minerals.

Key features:

  • Diet to reduce protein, phosphorous and sodium.
  • Can digest easily.
  • No any artificial ingredients.

Good for:

  • Cats who need low protein and phosphorus but in high quality.

Price: 5.5 Oz will cost $ 24.84

As it concluded that when the cat facing chronic renal failure then they need high quality protein but need to be consumed in low volumes. If you find any symptom mention above let your vet decide the best low protein cat food for your lovely cat.


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